Welcome at the BRICKFACTORY FAQ-page

  • Why is the ftp-site offline

    Due to the ammount of trafic to my ftp-site the provider closed it. I am bussy finding a new ftp-provider. I hope to have it online soon.

  • When do you update your site?

    Mostly this is done in the weekend. There is no schedule for these updates. When I buy new sets or I get some uploads I update this site. As I don't have an unlimited fund for buying lego, I have to wait and see if someone else uploads instructions.

  • I am looking for an instruction, but you don't have it on-line

    If it is not online, I don't have it. As soon as I get an instruction I will put it online.

  • Instructions Visitors requested:

    5990Whirl and Wheel Super TruckStickersMar
    5701LEGO Lococd coverTrevor
    5706LEGO LEGOLandcd coverTrevor
    5712LEGO Stuntrallycd coverTrevor
    5774LEGO Island 2cd coverTrevor
    5778LEGO Racers 2cd coverTrevor

  • I have instructions of sets you don't have

    please scan instructions at 100 dpi and stickers of sets at 300 dpi. Also when you scan stickers, please add a ruler to the scan so there is a reference of the size of these scan.
    save the the pictures in JPEG-format. Please number the pages from 001 to the last pagenumber of the instructions.
    If you are ready scanning, pack all the scans to a zip- or rar-file with the set number as name and mail it to my email-address). When you are done, please email me so I can update the website.

  • I want to link to your website

    You are free to add a link to my web-site if you want, please use one of the pictures below to use with the link (download the picture and add it to your website).


  • I like this site, can I sponsor it

    this is a fan-created website. I don't want any money for this site. If you want to help me, please upload some instructions I don't have.